01 April 2009

In Stitches.

There's something about these sunny, spring mornings that make me want to sew. It would just be a teenie bit helpful if I actually knew how. So, last night I pulled out my lonely-yet-amazing machine that's been sitting in it's cover for ohh, 3 or 4 years now, dusted her off, and dove into the manual. I'm fairly confident that I can whip up some simple pillows and dish towels now that I can brave the threading of the machine...which truly is the most complicated part of it all. My mom is so talented when it comes to sewing, and she's helped me make curtains in the past, so I can definitely sew a straight line or two, right? Hmm.....

Anyway, all this thought of creating delectable little things made me decide every avid sewer needs his or her own space. Not that I am or will ever be an avid sewer, and not that we will ever have enough square footage for a sewing room, (I mean, I'd be thrilled with my own corner even) but there's no harm in being just a little envious of those who do. For now I'm entirely happy with my dining room table, and also happy that I can drool over these.

Love the light blue walls. And how happy is that machine cover?

Simplicity at its finest.

Turquoise paint + vintage machine = creative bliss.

My eye can't help but drift to that amazing piece of vintage, canvas luggage. I want, I want.


Lola Cupcake said...

I am so happy I found your blog- I love it! I am now a follower and can't wait to read more!

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Anonymous said...

I too would loooove a vintage sweing machine (not that I have sewed a single thing since school!) - I have my eye on a 'Singer'. Love the machine cover - it looks very much like a Cath Kidston - who's sweing kit I hvae, it is so cute, but hasn't been used yet - oops! Good Intentions, good intentions! keep us posted on how it all goes!