06 April 2009


Happy Monday!! High hopes that everyone had an amazing weekend. I'm currently recuperating from quite a good one myself...hence the lack in posting. Today happens to be Kendall's birthday, so the weekend was spent celebrating with her closest friends and family who flew in from Baltimore to surprise her for the occasion. The weather was more than perfect, and we had the best time playing cornhole and beach volleyball...and of course an inevitable dance party ensued. The festivities began Friday afternoon and ended about 10:30 last night, after a day at Keeneland and another inevitable dance party at The Paddock. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I had the most fun weekend I've maybe ever had. And, as if that's not enough, I met some wonderful people that I'm so excited to keep in contact with. Hoping everyone has a safe trip home to Maryland today!

So, in the midst of all the celebration, I also had the pleasure of attending the most beautifully done baby shower for my best friend Britney, who is a mere 3-6 weeks shy of having her little Kennedy Brooke. I'm so excited for her--and I know the baby shower was everything she could have hoped for... and so much more. I mean, there were even chocolate cake pops dipped in pink icing that spelled out Kennedy. So very cute... not to mention scrumptious. And...Britney's so cute, and glowing all over with anticipation for her timely arrival.

So well done. Congrats Brit!!

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