06 April 2009

April in Ashland.

I couldn't emphasize the fact anymore that I'm so thrilled spring has arrived in Lexington, which is unbelievably gorgeous at the moment. But I have to say, the city is pretty much always gorgeous. It's funny...I've lived within this town my entire life, and although I'm desperately itching to move on to bigger, more thrilling places, I'll always find serenity here.

So, as Corey and I delve into life and all of its uncertainties, we take great comfort in the quirky little apartment we've made our home in the midst of Ashland Park. We adore this apartment, and, more importantly, this neighborhood, which is infiltrated with gorgeous little parks and really cool old houses that have so much character. The neighbors are always out and about with their dogs and the cutest little kiddos, and it's so fun to sit on our front porch and admire life and all of its little pleasures. So, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the life we love so much here (for the moment at least) in beautiful Lexington.

An assortment of images from Ashland Park, which we have the pleasure of living right down the street from. The park's historical value lies in the fact that it was once called home by Henry Clay, a well-known politician from the civil war era. This is where C and I walk that shaggy mut of ours.

Did I mention I would live in this cozy little cottage forever and ever, and I mean ever if I had the chance? Probably the tiniest house in our neighborhood, and it truly is tiny, but by far my very favorite. Hint hint, Corey.

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Lola Cupcake said...

I love these pics- so beautiful! Thanks for sharing- so fun to see other parts of the country at this beautiful time of year!