07 April 2009

My Kind of Feminine.

Needing some inspiration today, as the weather's decided to take a turn for the worse. How again was I in a skirt and sleeveless shirt two days ago and now it's 36 degrees? 36? REALLY? So, there goes all those beautiful spring flowers I've been raving about. Kentucky...that's all I have to say.

Moving on to something much more enjoyable than the weather....

Since I've been married to that wonderful husband of mind I've tried to be super conscious in decorating our space...as it is our space. By that I mean I've edited out a lot of pieces that are feminine in an attempt to create rooms that he can not only live with, but is even excited to show his rock climbing/beer drinking/handy-man friends. It's really been quite fun melding our styles together and taking the challenge that two different perspectives presents and running with it. He's been amazing about it, and we have a pretty cool place to show for it (at least that's what we think).

And although I can't really place a label on my exact style/taste in design, I'm definitely a sucker for combining modern pieces with vintage (aka mintage) and all things primitive/rustic. But there's also a tiny place in my heart for some things feminine. I've disguised it from C with a single pink flower in a bud vase on my side of the bed, a fluted cake stand that I sometimes display cookies or muffins on, girlie coffee table books stacked under a rustic vessel by the fire place and a purple flower (that's supposed to be for my hair) that flanks the gold, bamboo-esque mirror in our dining room. And..there's kind of a lot going on in our kitchen with pottery, dishtowels and lots of pattern, but hey...overall, I've really limited that little feminine urge of mine.

But, if I had my way...

I'd live in these rooms. And that's my idea of the perfect kind of feminine.

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