30 March 2009

Monday Funday.

I'm so excited for this Monday afternoon, simply because it's beautiful outside. Somewhat on the chilly side still, but the skies are so blue, and I'm finally being reminded why I love Kentucky so much in the springtime. C and I spent the weekend out in Paris, which is 30 minutes north of Lexington, with our best of friends Grant and Kendall. G & K bought this amazing old gem in beautiful Paris, which is this quaint horse-farm town scattered with really cool antique stores and mom-and-pop restaurants. Anyway, our friends are in the process of renovating this gorgeous house, so C and I gave them our time and hands this weekend and had so much fun in return (I mean, what gets much better than skate boarding at midnight after painting and eating the best-ever mexican food?). And, I can't wait to show you pictures of the projects we've been working on. Kendall has this amazing style that combines every decorating aspect I love, so eye candy for the blog is sure to come. Hope you all had just as much fun this weekend!

I'm also pretty excited to share that the stuffed red velvet cookies turned out just as delicous (or maybe even more) than the recipe sounded. They were a little on the time consuming side, but glorious none-the-less. They're a pretty brilliant concoction--I mean, why didn't I ever think of this? Not too sweet, until you bight into the cream cheese pocket that's so cleverly tucked into the center of such chocolatey goodness. And there's even a bonus: they look pretty darn cute piled high on a cake plate. If you have the time, or really want to impress, these are a must, and can be found here.

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