25 March 2009

Life & Loves

So, the blog has been on hiatus for the past few months, and an update is in definite order. But that will have to wait. As I sit here on my new gray couch (swoon!) sipping a glass of cabernet and munching on my most favorite white cheddar popcorn (while my hubby plays Dr. Mario, of course), I can't help but feel so excited and inspired about personal ventures that I simply can't wait to undertake (more to come--I promise). The vast majority of my free time is spent perusing (and drooling over) amazing design blogs and websites, and I compile each and every tidbit of "inspiration" in organized folders on my desktop. So, tonight, as the soothing sound of rain pelts our clay tile roof, with glass of wine in hand, I've revisited each and every picture that excites my heart. And I must share. Enjoy! I hope they make you swoon just as they do me.

My idea of heaven, you ask? This.

THE most beautimous pillows from the store Ink & Peat in Portland, Oregon. The owner has an amazing blog, housemartin, which inspired our wedding flowers.

This photograph made me spill my wine. Thank goodness I wasn't sitting in that amazingly creamy chair.

I would most certainly spend every waking moment I had, here. Via Cottage Living.

The epitome of cottage chic, also Cottage Living.

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