30 October 2014


I know, I know...I've fallen off the map again. But, this time, you see--I have a fairly decent excuse: our little lady, Hazel Griffin, made her debut. And she couldn't be more perfect.

She's an amazing little thing...dark skin and dark hair, just like her daddy...not a hint of her momma in her...except for her crooked little pinky fingers and funny little toes. I still can't believe she's here...and that she's real. And that God blessed us with such a wondrous gift (albeit an exhausting gift)... :)

Meanwhile, I am figuring out this so-called life as a business owner and new momma. There were several projects and deadlines I just could not step away from (and believe me, I am so thankful for those clients, and that they've hired me to do what I love), so I've been learning to juggle this little bean and a decent workload. At five weeks old, Hazelgirl's become quite the assistant...accompanying me to job sites and meetings...and charming the socks off anyone who's in attendance. 

So, to say the least...the blog has fallen a bit behind. Okay...a lot behind. But thanks to a few projects that are really rocking and rolling, and a whole lot of coffee, the motivation to post is finally back :)


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