07 January 2014


As promised, winter has officially been brutal. Just the other day, my Maple and I found ourselves driving through the December countryside, amazed at the 60 degree sunshine, and how those so-called farmers almanacs were way wrong about this predicted 'terrible' winter. 

This morning it was -4 degrees, with a windchill of -21. 

WHAT. Terrible.

This southern sunshine gal thought she missed winter. In fact...I do not. What I'm currently missing is my seaside Charleston...and those anything but brutal winters that came with us living there.

So, as my frozen fingers work away placing orders, doing biz things, and keeping clients and their homes happy...I can't help but want to be anywhere warm and toasty...but here.

So, here's to you, fellow polar vortex victims. I know many of you have it much worse than us Kentuckians! Sending super warm thoughts your way! 

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(Eileen) a creative day said...

I can't believe its -4!! It is cold here in South Carolina today...its around 30 degrees. not quite -4 haha!