31 December 2013


2013. I can't even believe that it's over. What a whirlwind of a year it was...filled with amazing, unfathomable happenings and blessings. I have this tendency to wish time away. I'm always, always looking forward to the future: planning, dreaming, trying to make my life happen (the curse of the creatives, it seems). I'm forever trying to change things. And this house. Can we talk about this house? It's in a constant state of disarray. Living in a construction zone can be chaotic, at best.

So as 2014 commences, I want to start anew...with the old. Appreciate what I have. Be grateful for everything in my life...yes, even the moments of limbo/chaos/confusion/what have you. Because isn't that where we find true happiness? Relishing in our 'haves' instead of furiously seeking our 'have-nots'?
And yes, my house is still chaotic. Don't let me fool you. Who knows when this reno will boast serene surroundings...but at least it's on its way. But today I decided I would appreciate what I have...and the way things are...and start really living in this house...and enjoying it. So here are some scenes to prove that I am doing just that:

So, there you have it: objects, furnishings, updates, vignettes, works-in-progress...and things that make me happy...in and around my house :)

Happy New Years Eve, my dear friends!!! I hope you spend every moment rejoicing over the moments of 2013, and relishing each and every new minute of 2014! I hope your New Years is nothing but extremely blessed!


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Lola Maria said...

Where did you get that gold/marble end table from? If you ever find another one, can you let me know?! maria.sowers@gmail.com

Super charming cottage by the way :)