27 January 2014


I hate to be one who wishes away time, but friends, I am so over this winter. I mean, it doesn't really help that this is our first winter back from Charleston, and 'cold' to us meant high 40s and partly cloudy. So here we are, the end of January, and this week marks our third cold spell of negative temperatures. Yes, like... -8 degrees, with a windchill of -20. In Kentucky. Somehow still known as 'the south.' That, to me, is just insane.

But, complaining never really did anyone any good, so let's focus on the positive: spring (I hope) is just around the corner. So, to get through this last month or so of bitter temps, blustery winds, and snow-mounded streets and sidewalks, I'm conjuring thoughts of streaming warm sunshine, walks in the green-grassed park, and color--lots of spring-like color.

So, here's to hoping you find these color pops just as inspiring!



My Interior Life said...

Oh, I am SOOO with you on this one. This season of cold and colds (I'm in bed with the latter right now) has GOT to end soon. One state below you in TN and I'm so over these frigid temps. Love these images. Ahh, just what I needed.

Stay warm, sister.

Unknown said...

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dwoppert said...

Where have you been the last couple months? New blog post please! Designing/building a modern home in Charleston SC and need some inspiration!

dwoppert said...

What's been up the last couple of months, need an update! Designing/building a new modern home in Charleston SC and need inspiration!