04 December 2013


So, it's been a while since I've given you a lately. Perhaps it's because life hasn't been super exciting as-of-late, which, quite frankly, has been...nice. I'm a person who needs to stay busy, but I also relish (and pretty much live for) those fleeting moments in time when you can simply relax...put your feet up...and enjoy where you are in your life...the people who are in it...and all that you've worked so hard for. So here's a little glimpse into my relatively quiet lately.

Escapades through greenhouses have been quite frequent as we, at the studio, have been wrapping up and styling design projects.

Lots of time has been spent drinking espresso + relishing my harlequin kitchen floors.

And...lots of time has been spent kissing these nephew cheeks, and those of my six little nieceys.

A vintage inlay desk with brass hardware, and one of my highly coveted Panton chairs (I finally got my hands on originals as they are somewhat of an oddity to other Kentuckians...aka...not ornately carved mahogany upholstered with...horses) found their way into a cozy corner of our bedroom.

I painted. It required me being alone with my wine, and this tail that kept thinking it was highly involved in the artistry. I can't say it turned out well, but I think I needed that creative freedom.

It snowed. Far too early in the season, but it was oh-so-pretty.

The most gorgeous bevy of Aerin candles arrived at my doorstep, from the most generous Howard Slatkin, who I hope to have the good fortune of actually meeting someday. He is brilliant...his work is exquisite...and his kindness unfathomable. 

And design happenings in the studio have been accompanied by their creative counterpart...coffee.

All in all, my lately has been so incredibly good.
Hope the same rings true for yours.


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