07 March 2013


So, y'all know that we moved to good ol' Kentucky...to our little historic cottage that's so full of charm and potential. But, did I mention I also have a new studio space, for my ever-growing design biz? A serious dream come true. What's more, it's actually attached (a fairly good sized addition) to our little living space. Another serious dream: wake up, drink some coffee, cook some breakfast, and walk next door...to my downtown studio space. Close up shop, and walk back...next door...for dinner...and wine (duh).

Anyway, my studio is a light, airy space, complete with exposed beams (no, not the cool raw wood kind) that's just begging for some love. Right now it's an empty shell that's in desperate need of some spackling and a paint job. But, speaking of paint, we removed the eyesore that was commercial-grade carpeting, and the sub-flooring lurking below is (sigh of relief) in relatively good condition. And what have I always wanted to do with good-condition sub-flooring? PAINT IT. And I am so. very. excited.  I'm thinking a geometric pattern that's not overly modern and is relatively classic and gender neutral. Like:

My favorite. But perhaps too complicated for this girl to execute? 

 Gorgeous. But again...looks intimidating.

 The scale is too large for my tastes (smaller-scaled patterns date themselves less quickly in  my book), but I'm of course liking the idea of a David Hick's inspired pattern. Can't go wrong there.

The amount of coffee I drink mixed with this pattern could equal bad news (umm...dizzy much), 
but that doesn't change my unrequited love for it.

Second favorite. Thank you, Miles Redd. 
The perfect colors. And perhaps the perfect pattern. Could I do this?

 We intend for our kitchen flooring to be exactly this, so I was wanting to mix it up a bit in the studio.
Perhaps throw in a different color? This would by far be the easiest solution.

 And, oh...I do love this. Fairly classic in my eyes. But oh-so-interesting.

Whatever we do choose, I'm gravitating towards this gorgie color palette.

Any and all options considered, I'm just a little excited. Or...a lot.
What do you think? Which is your favorite?



Unknown said...

That color palette is stunning--do you mind sharing the paint colors?!

Just found your blog and love it!

A fellow southerner

Hannah Maple said...

Hi Betsy! Thank you for your super kind words. From top to bottom: Dunn Edward's 'whisper', Dunn Edward's 'muslin', and Farrow & Ball's 'downpipe.' The 'muslin' is very similar to F&B's 'elephant's breath' which Sherwin Williams can color match exactly! Thank you for reading :)

adrian hitt said...

How EXCITING! I can't wait to see the space and see what you all do with it. And welcome back to Kentucky! I know y'all have to be excited :)