05 February 2013


Well, friends (and fellow design-obsessors), 2013 is off to a crazy exciting start. Truly. I can't even believe all of the opportunities that have started unfolding, and the incredible ventures I'll be sharing with you in the upcoming few months. I'm sitting here...pinching myself...incredibly thankful for my talents, my passions, and my abilities...and my support system (aka my Maple. I couldn't ever do it without him).

Sooo...I. am. busy.
(And super thankful for that.)

In fact, project #NewBuild clients and I have just hit the ground running...hard. We're in the midst of the schematics phase, which means lots of research, planning, initial design scheming, and sourcing going on. And oh how I love these clients--especially their impeccable taste and instincts. Seriously. They've been amazing. And I hope they know I go to bed thinking about their project...dream about it...and wake up with it on the brain as much as they do. It's going to be a gorgeous, gorgeous end result: classic (with a few twists, of course), polished, refined, but comfortable--with tons of personality, albeit neutral and elegantly muted.

Check out my favorite inspiration photos thus far. These are the gems that are helping define the direction of the design, and the selection of the materials.

Our official kitchen inspiration photo. 
I know.

Black and white mosaic anyone? And a hint of brass?
Yes. And yes.

Muted neutrals. Lots of texture. Small print geometrics.
Please and thank you.

Subway tile. And basketweave...in a dark colorway.

What? Large-scale geometric tile floors in the master bath?
I'll take it.

Kelly Wearstler's confetti?
Must. Have. Somewhere.

Oh, just another flooring inspiration photo. Hex...large-scale...all the way.

Or maybe we'll flank guest bath walls with David Hicks' hex wallpaper.
Less commitment. All perfection.

Warm neutrals. Bold contrast. Polished surfaces...and again with the geometrics.
I will live vicariously through their house.

My level of excitement cannot be described...and...hardly contained.

I mean, they have amazing taste...am I right? I mean, that's sort of important when working with a designer. Your tastes must align with your clients'--for how else will they be happy in their finished space? I foresee unfathomed amounts of happiness for #NewBuild. (Thank you, clients, for being so amazing, and so fun to work with so far.) 

I can't wait to reveal what we devise...but that shall be months away. Guess it's time I learn patience...


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Hannah! Why didn't we meet when you were in Charleston??? Fun to see you on the HD patio series.

AimeeG said...

I might have dreams about that gorgeous shower.