01 February 2013


So, I never really give much insight into what our humble little abode looks like, but have had several requests to do so lately. You see, we designers are our own worst critic. And, due to limited time, budgets, and so forth, our personal homes aren't always the best representation of our talents or our tastes. With that said, what the heck. I shall show you a little peek at our kitchen.

Do you recall the before? Gahh.

Disclaimer: I love my kitchen. It is old--yes. And the cabinets are original, and somewhat janky, but they are flush with the ceiling, and there's uber amounts of storage. And I don't think I'll ever tire of the color we painted them: Urbane Bronze, by Sherwin Williams (I also painted our interior doors this color. It's amaze). We had allotted mulah to install a gas range and a better hood, but...homeownership is dang expensive, and that mulah quickly got eaten by lawn mowers, ladders, diamond-encrusted ceiling fans (ok, kidding, but no really...there is a money pit somewhere in our backyard, I swear it.)

I love the terra cotta tile floors. They're original to the home as far as we can tell. And I love that large picture window that looks out to the front, and yes...those windows crank open. I love how our butcher block fit oh-so-perfectly in the center, and how the crisp white walls simplify, brighten and warm the space. And oh how I love that clean white subway tile my handy Maple installed...and the contrast of the dark gray grout. Perfection...on a budget...oh, yes.

I'll miss her. We're actually in the midst of packing our house, our bags, and our Charleston life up, but I'll cherish all the time I've spent in this kitchen. All the days and nights I've spent simmering meals atop that stove...sipping coffee in front of that window...and gathering best friends and family within those walls. On a related note--if any Charlestonians want to rent this kitchen, and therefore the rest of our house--shoot me an email :)

With that said, enjoy your kitchens...and enjoy your weekend.


Carly said...

I love it. Just curious...would you have gone stainless with the range and hood?

Hannah Maple said...

Yes, we had planned to go stainless with the hood (our dishwasher is stainless). It's such a pain to keep clean, though, so we were debating about doing a viking range in a color over stainless. And I so wanted a little smeg refrigerator!