07 January 2013


Well friends, today is the first Monday of the new year...a new day...a new week...and the opportunity to commit to new goals, new dreams, new outlooks, and new beginnings. I can't even believe it's 2013. I always thought time would start to slow as I started to grow older. Not so much, it seems...which makes me welcome this New Year with the utmost enthusiasm, for we all must make the very most of this fleeting thing we call time.

 So, with that said, in 2013, I will: 

 Travel more. 

 Pray more. With passion. And trust in my God. 

 Darken my hair, and embrace being natural. 

 Use my talents and my passions to create 
 beautiful, peaceful, inspiring homes for my clients. 

 Update my wardrobe. I'm channeling the idea of sophisticated 
 and chic, but with edge, and resolve to buy only the things 
 that I really, really, really love. 

 Wear lipstick, even when in my PJs. 

 Be compassionate. 
 And always take a walk in someone else's shoes. 

 Make art. Buy art. 
 Sharpen my knowledge on art. 

 Be bold. And true to the woman I am. 
 Without ever worrying how others may judge. 

  Spend uber amounts of time in the kitchen...my very favorite room. 

 Work, work, and work to realize my dreams into fruition. 
  Find a mentor. Learn as much as I can about this business of design. 
 And run with it. 

 Be positive. Be flexible. Be fun and spontaneous. Not only embrace 
 change--and inevitabele woes--but find joy in them. 

 Write more letters. So those I love can read more letters. 
 There's something so intimate and special in snail mail. 

So there you have it. Just a surface scratch of the things I'm resolving to do. Not just for 2013, or the beginnings of it (because how easy is it to fizzle out on things we need to change?), but for 2014, 2015...and the rest of my time.

Cheers to this new year...and to new beginnings!
May yours be super blessed and filled with all the things you hope for :)

And speaking of, what are your resolutions for 2013?
P.S. A huge thank you to the super talented Sarah Swanson of Flourish Style and Design! Very much appreciate the kind mention. If you've never seen her blog, be sure to pay a visit! It's sure to be at the top of your daily read list.


jen leitzell said...

Lovely resolutions! Traveling more is definitely on my resolution list as well. Hope you have a wonderful 2013 :)

The Egg said...

yes please to all of these.
and add jackson hole to the top of your travel list!
slash see ya in bermuda!!

xo the egg out west.

Hannah Maple said...

Thank you, Jen--the very same to you!

Girl, JH is UP THERE. Can't even wait to rendezvous in Bermuda!

Hannah Maple said...
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