12 November 2012


So, if you follow me on instagram, you're very much in the know on what I've been up to...and perhaps why I haven't been blogging. In short: life has been cray. I've added a lot of miles to our odometer over the past week and a half...spent an amazing amount of time with a lot of incredibly loved and missed people...loved on new and not-so-new bebes galore...worked and worked and worked some more....and said farewell to a major project that's blessed me with the most amazing past few months I could ever, ever imagine.

Here's the proof:

 They don't call it the bluegrass for nothin'. Isn't Kentucky gorgeously green? Even in the fall?
These rolling horse farm hills steal my heart every time.

 I acquired some new shoes. And couldn't resist photo-ing them against a contrastingly fluffy backdrop.
Spikes and sheepskin...sums me up to a tee. 

 Aren't minis the cutest? 
Mad about this car, which was ever-so-helpful in delivering some not-so-mini
goodies to my beyond amazing clients.

 And speaking of goodies, how insanely cool is this artwork? 
I was lucky enough to collaborate with an uber-talented artist and new friend, who produced the most amazing wall art, which topped of my Kentucky project.

 And...a not-so-telling sneak peak at my final install. 
Can't wait to share the real-deal photos with you!

 And back to shoes (yes...they are a weakness/obsession...), how cool are these croc boots? The weather's finallycooled enough to rock these worn-in gems. Even cooler? The story behind them: they belonged to my late father-in-law, who I never had the blessing to meet. One thing I do know...the man had serious style...and I am lucky enough to share his shoe size. They're now one of my most  coveted possessions, and I feel so beyond blessed to walk proudly in his shoes. 

Speaking of Kentucky...Maple and I were fortunate enough to hang with my amazing clients...who have thankfully become amazing friends...at a UK football game. We escaped the cold, dreary rain in a warm, toasty, glassed-in room with food, drink, and good conversation galore. I don't think I ever even saw the football (girl talk...you know how it goes)...but it was one of the best times ever.

So that's where I've been, and what I've been doing, and why the blog has been so blank.
But amid all the travel/uncertainty/chaos/stress...my heart is full...because I am blessed:
To be surrounded by the most incredible family...and loving friends...and to have been given the chance to do what I love most in this world: put my God-given talents to use, and create welcoming, inspiring, encouraging environments for my clients to live their lives in. 

Life is good, yes? And cray.



(Eileen) a creative day said...

Just found your blog via flourishdesignandstyle. Girl you have some serious style! Love your blog


The Sister Sophisticate said...

I just found your blog via 'flourish design + style1' I just love your style. looking forward to reading your blog.

Hannah Maple said...

Thank you, Eileen! SO appreciated the kind words. And right back at you :) Love your blog! Thanks for reading.

And same to you, Star! Love your blog as well. Can't wait to read along. Thank you for the compliment!!