25 September 2012


My blog is always the #1 to-do item on my daily list, yet somehow it always ends up being the one thing that doesn't get accomplished. But that, my friends, is because my business is growing, and I am busy. And for that I am uber grateful. It's incredibly rewarding to see your passion evolve into a sustaining line of work, and I can't wait to see where both my work and I go.

Anyhow, here's a few moments captured since the last time we spoke :)

Samples arrived for a client's dining chairs.
We fell hard for the navy.

 The glory of a Lowcountry sunset.
They really are the prettiest.

I paid a visit to an uber-talented friend's art studio...

...and we made stamps :) ...So fun!

Wine, cheese, and laughs were shared during a night of Apples to Apples.

I stood in awe of the hand-crafted ingenuity at my favorite lighting studio.
Seriously...one of each, please?

And...lastly...Maple and I inaugurated the (giant) fire 
pit that we finally hauled home from the antique store.
Now we just need some furniture to go with it :)

Hope your week is off to an amazing start...and that you're doing everything you can to live out your passions and dreams. 


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