17 September 2012


Yep. I am that girl. I pick up things on the curb. Granted, it has to be a pretty awesome thing. But you would not even believe how fast I slammed on my brakes and threw my car into reverse for this swinging treasure:

Poppy and I have been wanting a hanging rattan egg chair FOREVER. 
Yes, Poppy is well-versed in mid-century furniture design. Don't judge.

Can you believe my neighbor was curbing this gem?
It's crazy to me that people have no idea just what they have in their possession...
or they simply don't care.

A few notes:

  • Yes, that carpet is gross. I know. And I am so over that rug that I made like ten years ago for a magazine shoot.  Little does my bro-in-law know that he will be our free labor needed to rip up that frayed, stained carpet and, yes, astroturf that's lurking beneath when he visits. Wonder if he reads this?...hehe.
  • Poppy is cute.
  • We're going to tile our porch with some Ann Sacks amazingness and replace the two black widow (ugh...over them) infested chairs with a loungey sofa.
  • I'm blogging from my swing now :)

It pairs most perfectly with a sweet glass of prosecco, I promise.

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