31 July 2012


Yesterday was a sad day for Charlestonians...as we lost Hope. Quite literally. Our renowned charmer of a brew-by-the-cup coffee shop, Hope and Union, closed it's insanely good looking doors yesterday. They were pretty coveted...by all. Even Design Sponge, as they featured the mod-minimalist interior on their blog. So in an attempt to relish the last-ever H + U brew, my (super talented) friend Natalie and I paid a visit last week, and she snapped some bittersweet photos:

 They've assuredly turned my into a cappucino snob.
Who wouldn't start to insist on a feathery milk design?

 Well hey, there...that's me... :)
Dressed to impress...in total slum attire...as usual.

 Our favorite little window nook.
Complete with comfy throw pillows and this gorgie ceiling to stare upon.

 Love the industrial ingenuity behind their pour-over station.
Pipes are cool.

 Weathered shiplap.
Light blue walls.
Sleek black chairs.
All very good things, in my book.
 Love the simplicity behing the nautical outdoor pendant lighs + that incredibly 
old exposed brick fireplace. Hope and Union was housed in a renovated Charleston single, 
so it was inevitably long and narrow with an amazing side porch (complete with marble
bistro tables and black Bertoia chairs, I might add).

Good 'til the last red star.
Natalie made friends with the dude behind the bar.
He told us where to buy these mugs.
I'm hoping Santa might just come early.

Love Natalie's photos?
Me, too. You'll assuredly love her blog, too:
(especially if you like food).
I tell her repeatedly, too, that I want nothing more than to live in her tumblr.

Oh, and speaking of coffee (which I drink far too much of)...what really gets you going in the morning? Lately my spark has been routed in some energizing AM yoga...and not even a full session. Just 10 minutes of breath and flow totally jump starts my day and gives me that motivation to tackle anything and everything. So I thought I'd share a short, super-charged yoga routine I've been starting my days with:


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