22 June 2012


So, I have a little problem. It's called hanging onto crappy clothing that I. don't.ever.wear. Yes, even things with holes in them, and yes...I still have clothing from high school (that was well over 10 years ago), although may it be noted that my favorite pair of jeans are a worn, holey pair from Abercombie (...gasp!) that I bought in 9th grade. And yes...I still rock them.

Okay, back to my point. My second problem is that we bought a 1950s house. While it does have more closets to be expected for that building era, they are...umm...on the small side. But, I have this amazing friend Jane, who's sort of an organizational whiz (does it for a living, if you local Charlestonians are interested!) and she's totally inspiring me to deal with my closets, and perhaps my unhealthy attachment to hideous clothing.

So, here's my plan:

1. nonslip velvet hangers in black  /  2. Alexander Wang classic Tee (the perfect everyday basic that won't get holes in it)  /  3.  A gorgeous basic dress that can transition seasons and easily be layered  /  4.  Fun but classic jewels to spruce up those basics (would be gorgeous with that Tee!)  /  5. The perfect leather tote and everyday carryall (#1 on my wishlist!)  /  6.  Neutral (and the most comfortable) summer wedge sandals  /  7.  Perfect (and again...uber-comfy) wedge booties...everyone needs these!  /  8. Super pretty faux-bois organizational boxes  /  9.  Simple natural baskets for housing loose things

-Purge our master closet of all the mismatched plastic and wire (eeek) hangers that occupy too much real estate and replace them with slim, non-slip velvet beauties in black.

-Detach myself from ALL the things I NEVER wear. Which is most of my closet. It's so much easier to get dressed everyday when you limit yourself to good-quality, basic pieces that can be mixed and matched....and when you can easily see those favorite wardrobe staples. That, friends, is the key. De-cluttering so you can see what you have!

-Stay true to my personal style and only buy gorgeous things that I love (and are also quite versatile)

-Install some sort of closet system with drawers and shoe organization! (yes, shoes are my undeniable weakness)

-Accessorize and organize with super pretty boxes and baskets! Your closet should be a good dose of morning inspiration...and therefore excitement.

So, what about you? Are you happy with your closet?
Or are you finally ready to plunge into that overall? Feels mighty good, I must say :)


im breezy said...

i'm so not happy with my closet! i am actually going to host a private living room sale (chic version of a garage sale) to rid my closets of these old, outdated (but much loved) pieces..and some things i don't wear anymore. You should do that too!

The Egg said...

girl friend, i just purged too! baskets are so key for me and make everything cuter. i got rid of two CAR loads of clothing..eek!

Hannah Maple said...

Erica--totally stealing your idea :)

And Meag--I'm right there with you! Our entire guest room is brimming with donations. Agh!

jen leitzell said...

I am definitely in the same boat! Thanks for sharing your closet organization tips! I think I might tackle my closet this weekend now :)