14 May 2012


49 photos. Or, maybe like 20. I didn't count.

Life has been a whirlwind as of late.
Lots and lots and lots of crazies.

But I am back...and my romance with the blog has totally been rekindled.

I have new projects, new hopes, new dreams...and new adventures ahead.
All which you will see many a glimpse of.

For now, though, I'll show you a bit of what I've been up to as-of-late...
And that mostly consists of a rendezvous to NYC :)

And, because she is cute...and constantly snuggly...our spoiled rotten pup:

[ all photos property of moi ]




Unknown said...

what a great way to "catch up"

*Much Bliss*
Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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j said...

Hi! I randomly came across your blog and want to tell you that its really nice... your photography and interior design is beautiful!! I am also living in Charleston and moved here from Lexington a little over a year ago too! :) We probably have some mutual friends, hah. But anyway, nice job on the site.. I'll continue to check back for updates! :)

Hannah Maple said...

Thank you, j!!! How incredibly small this world is. I can't believe you're from Lexington!! Let me know if you'd ever like to grab coffee or a cocktail :) I swear I'm a KY magnet! I've met so many Kentuckians since I've been in Charles. Anyway, happy reading...and thanks for following!

Anonymous said...

You're right a lot of people move from Kentucky to Charleston-- I actually have about 10-15 friends from Lex who all moved down here at the same time.. crazy how Charleston draws everyone in! Oh and my name is Jenny by the way.. not sure why it just says J, haha :)