22 May 2012


So, this steamy Charleston weather has me channeling all-things tropical as-of-late. It's only May, so the summer is bound to be brutal--as these temps are already anything but tepid. So why not just roll with it? There's really no way to 'beat the heat'--you simply have to soak it all in. And I can definitely get on board with that if there's a stunning canopy of hot-hued citrus trees for me to sip an afternoon cocktail under! And don't relegate these beauties to the outdoors, either: placing one in a sunny indoor spot is such a simple way to amp up your interior!

I snatched a little pair of fast-growing orange trees from Lowe's a few weeks ago, and I've yet to put them in a pot...but how much fun they will be...in the backyard...next to our lovely Loquat tree (yes, his name is Lonny. So fitting.). Can't wait to purchase the perfect planters and get them happily situated. I'm loving the juxtaposition of a soft citrus planted in a rough-hewn, industrial pot--much like the corrugated concrete above. We have a long way to go with that backyard of ours, but it's assuredly coming along. And potted orange trees will be the perfect addition to that future gravel patio of ours :)

Alright, friends...

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