09 February 2012


Girlfriend's got it made in the shade, quite literally, in the ubiquitous terrain of Aspen's mountain-peaked skicountry.  Yes, good style is quite easy to come by when you're the heiress to the Estee Lauder throne (which started in a measly garage, I might add), but I'm so taken with the deliberate simplicity of the design (as any view-oriented interior should boast), that I kind of want to believe she's pretty cool...and down to earth? Anyway, Daniel Romualdez nailed the design: simple, refined rustic with a dose of casual, kid-friendly luxury (as I would call it).

...Perhaps I could be her nanny?
...Pretty please? I'll even cook for you. For free.


Jenna said...

absolutely love your blog! i'm a frequent reader, also working to see my passions played out through the world of interior design. thought i would finally comment. the things you post are so lovely and exactly the aesthetic that i'm drawn to. thanks for posting such cool, collected, and interesting spaces. all the best!

Hannah Maple said...

ahh, THANK you Jenna!! Just the comment I needed today :) So nice of you to offer your support, and I SO appreciate your readership. I'd love to see you work! Send me a link, if you have the chance.

The Egg said...

#1. welcome to my world.
#2. maybe you SHOULD become a realtor cus you just sold me on that place.
#3. i spent a week in her brother's house in costa rica. let me tell ya, those heirs and heiresses got it MADE.

xo the egg out west.