13 December 2011


In 19 days Maple and I will be setting foot on a jetliner and hopping across the Caribbean for a two-week rendezvous to here:

We'll be gallivanting across the mountains, cities, and seascapes of Colombia with two other close-friend-couples (one of those being a Colombian...hence the destination). With holiday chaos inevitably mounting, I'm making a major attempt to get everything organized and packed prior to our Christmas pilgrimage home.

Here's a look into my so-called travel essentials:
The must-haves to make any trip easy, breezy...and for your bag to stay under that 50 lb mark.

1.  Nars lipstick in Heat Wave // pucker up your lips for all those travel photos
2.  Yellow banded bracelet // punch up any outfit with cheap jewelry you won't shed tears over losing
3.  Big, bold scarf // bundle-up in the mountains...cover-up on the beach
4.  Glitzy playing cards // because they'll make any plane ride (or late night) that much funner
5.  Handsome, sturdy carry-on // anni-gift from My Maple that I can't wait to tote along
6.  Yummy reading material // enthralling love story entangled with NYC's 1970's art scene
7.  Bold, sporty bikini // because you never know what beach-bound adventures may arise
8.  Pint-sized, pocket video camera // bring home all those travel memories in HD!
9.  Comfy, printed flats // these flats were made for walkin'...& punching up any daytime, tourist garb
10. Oversized clutch // daytime. nighttime. anytime.
11. Ultra-cool aviators // buy them once...look cool forever.

Happy travels!


*Big thank you to Sarah for referencing the bandeau top!


The Egg said...

that bag is gorgeous! so very jealous of your trip. take lots of photos and dance the night away!!!

Shannon said...

oh how fun! i bet y'all are so excited for your trip!

have fun!!!

Hannah Maple said...

Don't you worry, Miss Meagan--certainly will! To the salsa... :)))

And thank you, Shannon! We are so excited! Can't wait to share photos!

Sarah said...

Hannah I have that bikini! I noticed it didn't have a tag...it's from H&M this past summer. Their site is currently down so I couldn't see if there is still a link (though that of course may be why you don't have one).

Hannah Maple said...

Sarah! I'm so glad you told me! I, of course, saw that beauty on pinterest and couldn't track down it's origin. THANK YOU! Love it!

Fran said...

Oh man, that bag! I die.

And sounds like a perfect occasion for the Nars Multiple :)