18 November 2011


Hi all! Yesss, it's been a while. And yesss, I've been really bad at this lately. But--there's good reason: big changes are coming this way! I guess you could say Maple and Shade is growing up a bit...taking on a new persona...and a new focus. Some exciting things have been in the works, and I think it's time to bring those to light. Anyhow, it's not transition time just yet...but soon. In the meantime, here's a bit of eye candy...and what I've been digging as-of-late (because you know I am always on the hunt for swoon-worthy inspiration) :

 Miu Miu and glitter galore (suddenly I want to get all glam and girly
from Sea of Shoes (an absolute fav of mine).

 Gryphon gone good, with their NYC flash dress.

 Sweet old cars and....

 LA days, via Sea of Shoes (again).

 Work and gym...combined. Love me some solid black, even on a guy. 
Makes me want to live in NYC...much less hit the gym a bit more often.
[ via the one and only sartorialist ]

 Kate and Andy Spade's red lacquered walls and simple, imperfectly perfect bar have 
me vying for shiny, bright walls and chrome-framed art. 
(And to think, they started their biz with zero money and tons of hope).

 A simple display of shoes...rustic hardwoods...and clean, white millwork walls.
[ the brilliant, from me to you ]

 This geometric dress has me craving shard lines and this sultry color combo.
[ from me to you, again ]

 Markham Roberts (via an ancient domino) did it right in this laid-back, super cozy, sun-filled space (in Manhattan, I'm sure). Those haint blue-walls and that marshy artwork somehow reference Charleston...making me super happy I live where I do.

See you soon, my friends.
You may not recognize us at first, but we'll still be what we've always been:
a documentation of sight-worthy finds, with a little taste-making of our own involved...
do you catch my drift?



Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

The boy and I have been on a mad hunt for the perfect bar table but we are not having any luck. I really like the one at the Spade house. Good picture post :)

Hannah Maple said...

Love it, too! Glad I could give you some good inspiration :)