26 October 2011

Interior eye candy.

Well, the bad news is that my week's been crazy and there really hasn't been much time for posting.
But, rest assured: with bad news comes the good! Install started this morning on the dental office--and the opening party is this Friday--and photos will be taken that afternoon (by the amazingly talented Sweet Tea Imagery)--which means there's a lot to do and not much time to do it. But it's all coming together incredibly well and we're beyond ecstatic to reveal our baby to the Charleston public with an amazing soiree.

So, while I'm running a trillion different errands, marking off my to-do-lists, and overseeing the hanging of roman shades, etc...I'll leave-you-be with some serious interior eye candy pulled from my pinterest boards:

Stainless steel counters done well--which is hard to accomplish with their cold, sterile aesthetic.

Love the art, the wallpaper, and the bar.

 A fresh palette of pink--the pops of peacock really ground the girly hue.

 I'm obsessed with these smooth, white stucco planters. 
And the gravel.

Mural-esque wallpaper can be a good thing.
Loving the contrast of the navy hollywood regency chairs and the blonde wood table.
So elegant.

This simple bathroom reno leaves me itching to knock out walls 
(and pink in gray tile) in our own.

And lastly, small space furniture planning can be tricky. 
I'm totally loving this clever arrangement--and that chaise!

Happy Wednesday, y'all.
We'll see what tomorrow brings, and whether a blog post can be squeezed in.
Can't WAIT to show you Dental (and party) pics.

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