05 October 2011

Recap of a week.

It's here. It's finally here. October, that is...my very favorite month. This one's sure to be a whirlwind, with our calendar being jam-packed and all, but cooler temps are breezing through, simmering down this balmy Charleston summer we've (somehow) endured. I'm terrified that I'll blink and October will be over, so I'm really doing everything I can to slow down and enjoy these days, which kick-started with a week at the beach...a much-needed, somewhat of a stay-cation with my family in a little house on a secluded seaside. It was perfection. Here's a glimpse:

 The boardwalk. Our own little trail to the quiet sand and sea, where hours upon 
end were spent reading, writing, and just being.

 The red kite. 
My dad would take us to the park to fly kites on a sunny, windy hill as kiddos.
I love watching it dip and dive, teasing the sand and the waves.

The very best caramel cake on the face of the planet. No lie. Garden & Gun even says so.
Enjoyed on the salty, breezy porch with what else but a steamy latte.
Everyday should be that good.

Work. And play.

The quiet shoreline. On my favorite beach.

A canopy of Loquats.  Aren't they stunning? 
Maple and I are starting on our patio. We'll be planting this gem of a tree, 
found amongst a seaside nursery in Pawley's Island. 

Our last night of vaca: spent back in the city. 
We happened upon a food truck rally in downtown Charleston.
What's this, my friends? An unbelievably  scrumptious Roti Roll:
braised pork atop curried mac n' cheese (omg) and hot-off-the-grill naan. 

 Utter concentration--ain't he cute?--required to conquer that massive BBQ sandwich.
The best I've ever had, from Hello BBQ's food truck, parked maybe too conveniently 
(on a daily basis) just down the road from my house.

The perfect end to a perfect week: a garden brimming with ripe, plush mini tomatoes
and purple-hued jalapenos. Somehow, someway our 'maters are still flourishing!

So there you have it, friends--a recap of my treasured week.
Now back to the grind. Have I told you about the dental office I've been designing?
The project's been progressing over the past few months, and construction is beginning to seize (I hope, I hope). Flooring and tile starts this Thursday. Equipment goes in next week. Install's gearing up to happen the week of October 20th, as the grand opening soiree goes down October 28th....which means...I'm about to get super busy (and, I'll have photos to debut soon!)

Until tomorrow... 
Happy Wednesday!

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