26 September 2011

An end to my hiatus.

Eeek--you're probably wondering what happened to me.  Well, me too.  I got sort of busy, and in the mix of it all, lost a bit of my blogging motivation. But, that's two-fold, as with that lack of posting comes some exciting change and some exciting news.  I'm working on developing the direction and branding of my business, and with that will come the direction and branding of my blog. In the meantime I promise to keep Maple and Shade afloat with eye-candy and inspiration, but my hope is to put my dreams in action and reorient my blog around my design obsession (and business).  Direction is a good thing, I've learned--so here's to the in-between-stage of figuring out my new course.

Thanks for being patient, dear friends and readers. I know how frustrating a blog hiatus can be, especially when the author keeps you in the dark. So here marks the beginning of the end to my unpredictable blogging whereabouts and whatabouts.

Speaking of whereabouts, my week's been relegated to Pawley's Island--an eclectic, laid-back Atlantic beach community an hour and a half north of Charleston. I'm on vacation (although you never really feel that way working for yourself), and finding myself completely enamored by the emerald blues and greens that make this coast such a tranquil escape. Juxtapose these rich, refined hues with an edge of black and white and you've got a pretty stellar color palette.

 {all photos via my pinterest}

Inspiration is everywhere.
Here's to being inspired. 


Can't wait to show you what I've really been up to.
I'll give you a hint: it's gray, and orange, and it's all in new a dental office... :)


helen said...

Welcome back friend! I meessed you! Hope you're getting it dialed in on Pawley's! See you soon!

The Egg said...


the egg out west