22 August 2011

Hello again, Monday.

Our weekend was full of:

homemade coffee cake and heart-filled lattes

this funny little lassoed mutt (yes, she did this on her own).

and house projects galore.
(that, my friends, is never-ending...)

Maple hung the master bedroom curtains (as seen above)--I love waking up to that view! Anyhow, I'd planned on having all of our treatments made, until I realized it would pretty much break the bank (because I of course wanted double widths and pinch pleats. I can't just have ordinary anything, you see).  So instead I resorted to Pottery Barn (despite my aversion to their overpriced, generic products) and bought some simple (gasp) ivory panels. Never fear, though...I have a little trick up my sleeve to make them look a bit more custom and give them some masculine character, upon which I'll show you some photos :) The next project will be painting that dresser a semi-gloss black and outfitting it with some simple, sleek hardware to contrast with it's feminine lines. And, when we find the right piece, we'll adorn that left-hand corner with a stunning little side chair (preferably chrome and cognac leather). And that marble lamp? She'll be getting a new shade--a faux-gator skin, to be exact :) 

Hope your weekend was just as refreshing. 

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Amy said...

LOVE that delicious looking latte. And of course the sweet puppy. Awesome images!