22 July 2011

Working from home has its perks:

Don't be fooled: I do do work. But, since my home office is still very much a blank canvas (aka uninspiring) and today it was actually the stage for a photoshoot, I thought it best to curl up on the (above) cozied sofa.

See that pretty plump pillow? The geometric one? It was in the shoot, which I can't wait to show you the results of. The next issue will be out soon--so I will have to wait til then to reveal it. My last night and this morning consisted of preparing for the two shoots, both centered around projects that I designed. I offered the corner of my office for one, which meant I was hurried to paint, hang curtains, scout furniture + props, and style it all. It was pretty much my dream. And somehow I'm lucky enough to get paid for it.

Okay, back to work...
xoxo, my pretties.
Until next week.
Enjoy your week's end.


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

What brand/where did you get your couch?

Balancing Lisa said...

What a beautiful area! I wish my house looked that nice/put together! I have a 3 year old and an 8 month old, throw in some toys and knock some stuff over and that my house/work space! lol


maple said...


The couch is actually from Macy's...I don't remember the brand, or I'd be happy to offer it up!