07 July 2011


Alas, I am back...and wiping the drool that's accumulated from spending wayyy too much time ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the splendid work of Sally King Benedict: an inspired Southern artist, in every sense of the word:

Maple and I want a painting, much to the likes of hers, to hang in our dining room, just above the console/buffet table. It's a very bare wall at the moment, and an abstract oil (toned down a notch with neutral gray/white/black hues) is sure to fit the bill, especially when flanked by a pair of sconces to lend a  light, airy feel to that side of the room. Perfect for the dining that so often goes down in there. My pocket can't quite afford the splendor that's shown above, but lucky for me I have a super talented sister-of-a-friend (did you catch all that?) that's willing to take on the task. She surprised us with a different abstract canvas (our 1st piece of art, I might add) as a wedding gift, and from that day forward we've been sold on her skill! I'm a wee bit excited to get this piece commissioned, and show you the real deal hanging on the wall :)

Now, back to the grind, I guess. Working on a magazine project that's set to debut in the upcoming end of August issue! That, too, I'll have to clue you in on.


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