30 June 2011

Happy Holiday.

Well, folks--Maple and I are venturing off on a little weekend escapade to the mountains of West Virginia to watch Maple's college friend walk down the aisle. We're headed out this afternoon, with an overnight rendezvous in Charlotte, where we'll spend a few inevitable hours in Ikea (outfitting my office and picking up a few accessories for current interior projects) before checking out the city with our good friends. This morning's been a whirlwind: I've already mowed the lawn, watered the garden, worked on my maters, had the oil changed, run through the grocery, vacuumed for our oh-so-generous house and Poppy sitting friends...and I've yet to pack. Off to do so!
Hope it's extra safe and full of good food and very best times with your loved ones.
Mine will be!

P.S. Don't you just love the colors in the retro mag cover above? I'd say a room could certainly be contrived around this piece of art!
 Inspiration is everywhere :)

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