23 May 2011

The romans.

Roman shades, that is.

Yes...in the midst of adorning the many bare windows in our house with some dressings, anxiously awaiting the polished, homey feel the fabric will lend to each room. But--you know what that means: having to make a dang decision. Really, I'm the worst when it comes to decorating our own place. I can help other people all day long, and fire off ideas and decisions, but my gosh there's just too many fabrics/patterns/textures/styles/looks that I love and want to see in our house. I have a friend that's a designer at a local fabric/home design shop here in Charleston, and she must really think I'm crazy due to the hours and hours I've spent wandering her aisles (aimlessly, or so it seems) with the most confused look on my face.

But, this weekend we made some much-needed progress and decided on roman shades for the kitchen's three windows and the master's two large windows. I love the soft, simple look of romans in the kitchen--where Maple and I spend the majority of our time together. We want the room to feel clean, but cozy and welcoming. The windows are wider than 54" (the standard fabric width), so to make up for the lack in fabric, we're going to do white romans bordered in a dark gray, to match the color of our cabinets.

As for the bedroom, those windows, too, are super wide. We've chosen a light gray and cream diamond-esque/geometric fabric for the shades, and will border them in an army greenn burlap (to match the bedding)The walls (yet to be painted due to all the prep work) will be a soothing, light gray, and we bought a gorgeous, woven ikat fabric with tones of brown, gray and cream for large (26"), billowy, plush bed pillows. We want our bedroom to feel cozy and electic, but with a "grown-up" air to it.

Anyway, enough of my window treatment novel...below you'll find some eye candy that's proven to be my window design inspiration:

{photos via pinterest}

Do any of you have roman shades in your home? If so, anything you particularly love about them? Anything you would've done differently? I'd love to hear :)


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