01 February 2011


So, inevitably I've been on the lookout for thrifty decor scores for our new house. I love perusing big-name sites for inspiration, but I've gotten to the point where I have a super hard time paying for a brand name...simply because I know I can find the same quality (if not higher!) elsewhere for a significantly lower price tag.

Well, friends--I bring you the wonder of Overstock.
I haven't searched for anything other than rugs, but, if it's a rug you're in the market for, you need to get acquainted with overstock. And yes, they sell out pretty quickly, but another little hint: they'll most likely restock that item if you're patient.

Large-room rugs like an 8 x 10 can easily run you $500-1000, and that's supposedly a "steal" these days. That just makes me hurt knowing that we now have six rooms that need some rug love. Below you'll find my favorite Overstock finds...all 5 x 8 to 8 x 10...all below $200. 

Yep, it's glorious, I know.
Happy Tuesday...happy overstocking.


Rachel said...

Hey! Is the desk also from overstock? What did you search for?

maple said...

No, unfortunately it's not...it's from West Elm. But search for Parsons desks on craigslist and ebay--you can easily spruce one up with some spray paint!