26 January 2011

Packing a punch.

It's funny: I certainly don't love the color purple, or any super bright, feminine shades for that matter. I tend to gravitate toward masculine hues: grays, greens, browns, blacks (sounds super boring, I know). But, as I was perusing my favorite flickr finds this morning...there seemed to be a theme: punches of pink + purple.

{all photos found via flickr}

So there you have it: my morning inspiration...and discovery, I guess you could say.
Who knew I had such a fondness for bright, happy shades of pink and purple?
Hope your day is just as pretty as the photos above :)


Balancing Lisa said...

Love the photos! A little touch of pink or purple can't be that bad....it looks wonderful!


maple said...

Thanks Lisa! Love getting your comments...and I totally agree :) Cute, cute blog, by the way!

sarah said...

ok i'm seriously obsessed with that bronze table in the first picture... I need that! loving the purple too!

Jolie Goodnight said...

Don't you love it when a color combination surprises you? It's always pleasant when I like something I hadn't previously thought I liked.