19 January 2011

Kitchen space.

I very much believe that a kitchen is the heart of a home--at least in terms of our lifestyle. I love to dirty it up...in a good way, of course...with ingredients scattered, pots and pans boiling and sauteeing delicious pieces of a meal that inevitably brings us together at the end of a long and separated day. It's where Maple and I spend  most of our time together...talking, stirring, tasting...sipping a drink. Okay...my point's been made, I think...but that's all to say I spend a lot of time perusing blogs and design sites in search of a kitchen that's cozy and humble yet perfectly inspiring. And this very kitchen is all of those things:

So now that you've seen my dream kitchen--what's yours?
What's your very favorite feature you couldn't possibly live without?
What do you dream for your culinary space?
I'm always looking for clever kitchen ideas...

(Yes, I'm southern...)


Balancing Lisa said...

Beautiful dream kitchen. I just redid mine this past June, and went from a kitchen built in 1956 to an updated one! All I wanted was a dishwasher and an island! (we had neither before) Maybe I should have dreamed bigger?! ;)


Kelly said...

Not quite sure of my dream kitchen yet...I know I want plenty of counter/table space for cooking and baking, and plenty of storage space, but I'm not quite sure yet how I want it to be styled.

maple said...

Lisa--I am SO with you--I spend most of my time at home leaning over the sink washing dishes, because...well...we like to cook, and therefore eat :) A dishwasher would make my dreams!

And Kelly--that's HUGE on my list. I'm not sure I could ever have enough counter space...and storage is certainly key. Somehow we've ended up with so much cooking paraphernalia!