18 January 2011

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Hello lovelies. Hope you had the most wonderful holiday weekend. I, myself, had a busy one...but am beyond excited due to the reasons. I've been working on a few magazine projects that will be featured in the upcoming issue of Charleston Home (an amazing publication if you haven't yet discovered it). Just look at the behind the scenes of this photoshoot! *That's me--the blonde in the green shirt. Anyway, I've been taking on their DIY/Mini-Makeover sections and designing + producing the features--can't WAIT to show you what I've gotten myself into this time. Let's just say I have the best. job. ever.

Also...another little (or big?) something is underway with the me and Maple (no...no babies)...and fingers crossed I'm able to tell you about it. So, even though I'm leaving you very much in the dark, any little prayers are appreciated today.

With that said, HAPPY TUESDAY.
And happy reading.


Kate said...

So proud of you Hannah!! Please tell me you're still designing stationery though! I need some...

Christina said...

yay hannie!! so excited for you and your fabulous career :) i'm crossing my fingers..... love youuuuuuuuuuuu



Kelly said...

Love the first and second photos! And I adore the Keira Knightley Italian Vogue shoot : )

maple said...

thanks, loves! and yes Kate--no worries--still designing stationery :)