13 September 2010

this is all i need

to have the most perfect fall wardrobe.
so excited about layering. and boots. and jackets. and scarves. and leggings.
i really kind of dislike summer clothing.
good thing we moved to Charleston, where it's never not summer.

anyway, totally on a purging kick. going through my closet this week and saying a final goodbye to all those clothes that perpetually hang and are never worn. there's so many of them. what am i doing hanging on to pink and white striped tank tops from college? yes, some good memories involved, but that's about it. they scare me half to death every time i open the door...thinking i might be too tired one morning to notice and accidentally slip one on. i'm so over that--trends, no more. making a pact with myself to only buy classic, basic pieces that can easily be dressed up or down and layered. oh, and shoes. lots and lots of pretty, perfect shoes :)

i could do wonders with this wardrobe:

PERFECTLY perfect. did i say perfect? because it's perfect.


Shannon said...

love this idea and try my hardest to buy pieces that are timeless and classic.

and i also need to build up a great shoe collection :)

Unknown said...

i agree - perfect outfits - gotta love shopbop!