12 July 2010

things i wear on my feet.

so, i've been having this issue with sandals.
i don't really like them.
i don't know what it is.
i just really don't ever like any that i see.
maybe it's the gladiator thing. too trendy, in my book.
maybe it's the fact that i'm fairly short and feel really short when i wear them.
maybe it's the fact that most on the market seem gaudy and tacky and short-lived on the street.
either way, a wonderful, incredible, yet sad thing has happened today.
i found some i like. i love. that i would wear.
but they are from Anthropologie, which means, they are costly, which means, i will probably continue to admire them through my computer screen. not while looking down, joyously, from above.
oh well.
perfect? i know.
made just for me? perhaps.
Anthro sending me a lovely, free gift for being such a devoted admirer of their brilliance? never.

1 comment:

Christina said...

i likeeee... i just bought my first pair of gladiator-ish sandals... i have the same problem as you. i had reservations because i have short legs but they look ok. miss you.