22 June 2010

i like: photography.

love the work of this flickr find i came across.
makes me want to grab my camera (well...charge it first) and head out into the world to capture its beauty. i've kind of lost interest in my camera at the moment. mostly because i can't figure it out. i took a photography course in college and fell in love. it was with film, though. i still can't grasp manual mode on my DSLR. hopefully one day i will have the time and the patience to figure it out. til then...i can gaze at the photos i wish i had taken.

also: i apologize for my lack of posting. scrambling to meet a few personal-biz deadlines and get ready for a busy, enjoyable weekend with the fam. time, i guess, really is of the essence and somehow i am always lacking in it. :)

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