21 June 2010


today is a good monday.
i'm gearing up for the very first visit from my parents since we moved here (they arrive on Thursday for a long weekend) and can't wait to show them around our charming city. so looking forward to sharing our amazing new restaurant finds with them and cherishing the conversations we'll have over 5-star meals and generous glasses of red wine.

anyway...i'm pretty ecstatic. i miss them. if only my brother was tagging along. i am so absolutely and entirely in love with Charles and the lifestyle it has to offer--the Mr. and I get SO. EXCITED. to host visitors. it will finally feel like home when my parents get a peek into our new apartment, our new hobbies and our new circles of friendship.

so i am happy, this morning, and loving this kitchen below:

{door sixteen; source unknown, toast}

i wouldn't exactly say i'm a modern girl. well, i wouldn't exactly relegate my tastes to any one style...because they vary, and quite widely, if you haven't noticed. but i love the clean lines of this kitchen, the warm and alluring contrast between the gray and white cabinets (totally doing this when we actually own a kitchen) and how they draw your eye in and make you want to stand directly in front of them with a spatula in hand and a delicious concoction in the oven. and how the simple, modern pedestal table (i want one!) beckons a steamy cup of joe and the newest issue of your favorite magazine.

like i said...making me happy, this morning.


Laura said...

You are very welcome dear :) I love your blog!! And I loveeee that kitchen too!! It kind of actually looks like the one we will have in sweden.. (without all the decorations..) but the way it's set up... may have to take some pointers from it. haha ;)

Iva Messy said...

WOW!! So awesome!!