25 June 2010


has commenced.
the parents have arrived, and we certainly aren't famished.
we had dinner last night in an intimate, gourmet little restaurant who's charm abodes on quaint little corner of town (Hominy Grill....where there is ALWAYS a line reaching around the teenie little building at 9 a.m. when they open for brunch).
i ordered a pecan encrusted pork chop with spicy peach glaze. i did not regret my choice.
the parentals had shrimp and grits...a must in Charleston.
the Mr. had some amazing rice concoction with shrimp and chicken wings.
and there was wine. plenty of wine. oh, and a fudge brownie decked with homemade ice cream.
so that was night #1 of our great food and wine brigade. can't wait to ensue with night #2.
like i said...gluttony. pure gluttony. 

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Laura said...

YUM YUM AND YUM! Looks delish! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time together :)