24 May 2010

it's a girl.

good news, this morning: my sis-in-law and her hubby welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl into their arms yesterday at 4:25 pm.a bit of a surprise to us all...as we were for some reason expecting baby Violet to arrive next week.but a welcome surprise, none the less, as she is such a blessing to our growing fam.

i am SO very, VERY excited to have be an auntie to a third niece. can't wait to meet the little pumpkin...she's in california, so that may be a ways away.  can't believe i will have a 4th niece (my bro-in-lawand his wife's bebe) come august. guess it will be up to me and my other sis-in-law to bring about the boys (some day...far, far away!)

anyhow...i am ecstatic...and already in love with this 6 lb muffin. so i thought i'd share :)

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