26 May 2010

en la cocina: spicy green beans and kale.

so, remember that whole "cleanse" thing i did a few weeks back?
thank goodness i did it, for otherwise i maybe would've never been introduced
to the marvelous veggie that is kale.
it's delicious...not to mention healthy...and is delectable in:

i served mine with chicken breasts that i pound flat, dip in egg, dust with flour
and parmesan and saute with white wine.

you will not be disappointed.

and how cute is this little number?
makes me want to keep a well-organized collection of recipes.
yeahhh...maybe someday...til then, i can admire this one.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Yum yum yum!! I love kale and it's definitely so healthy for you!- the healthiest of the greens and veggies. :) I am going to try this recipe out soon!!