27 April 2010

sugar, coffee...sugar.

so, i'm doing a cleanse. a detox, if you will. what that really means is...i'm eating all the healthy and nutritious foods i should be consuming on a daily basis. and the truth of the matter is that i do consume these foods on a daily basis, with maybe the exception of tofu, which we ate last night. but, you see, i have a little thing called a sweet tooth, and, while we're at it...a coffee obsession, which taint my daily attempts to be healthy. so the hubby and i decided to cut those things out for a few days. we're not ingesting sugar, caffeine, wheat, meat or dairy...and a few other food sources. but, you see, all i can ever seem to think about now is:

coffee. COFFEE. coffeeeeee....i misssss you.

not really missing meat...horribly, terribly missing those others.

and yes, i like to torture myself with gorgeous, mouth-watering images of all the things i will not allow myself to eat at the moment. i'm working on my self-determination, you see.

and i will persevere. my gosh, it's only five days. and it will be good for me...for my body. and i'm hoping to realize i don't need all of the things i so desperately want to consume each day. i hate the fact that my morning demeanor is so dependent on whether there's a steamy cup of joe in my hand. and i hate the fact that sugar is absolutely addictive. 

so here's to my cleanse. and here's to being healthy. and here's to, so far, having the personal resolve to resist my strongest urges. 

let's hope i make it til friday.


Shannon said...

i decided to go vegetarian about a month ago and i really really want to learn how to cook tofu.

teach me your ways!!!

good luck on your cleanse. would love to know how it goes for you and the hubs!

maple said...

well, ms. shannon, i am totally and completely 100% new to this cooking tofu thing. my hubs knows a little bit about it. he squeezed it in order to drain it so it had the potential to soak up more flavor. we left it in its crumbled state and threw it in the pan to cook and soak up flavor. i posted the recipe today, if you want to take a look! it's so easy and so so yum.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with dairy, meat, and wheat? Just wondering......I am a dietitian and I think all of these things are okay. Of course, lean meats, low fat dairy, and whole grain wheat is better for you. I don't see why people go to extremes by banning these foods. Just saying'............if it makes you feel better than go for it but these foods that you banned are not "bad foods." Good luck with finding what works for you:)

maple said...

Dear Anonymous,
I agree. I do not in any way think any of these foods are bad for you. I eat them all of the time and enjoy them. And I did not "ban" them--I simply decided to go without them for 5 days. There are many personal reasons for doing so, the main being to try and determine whether I have a food allergy to any of these substances because of some personal health issues. However, I do appreciate your concern and yes, lots of people go to extremes and choose "dieting" that isn't exactly healthy. Mine was accompanied by research and actually speaking with a nutritionist.