31 March 2010

{Whole Living}

My. favorite. recipe. of. all. time.
It's true. So very, very true.
Partly because it's so easy.
Mostly because it's so delicious.
Certainly because it's good for you.

Find it for yourself, here.

And, a few extra tidbits:

It's spicy. Deliciously spicy. Not for those with a mild palette. :)
I use whole-wheat tortillas for the health factor.
I also layer in avocado and black beans...because I love them...and because they are good for you.
The recipe calls for a whole can of chipotle peppers.
You most certainly do not need to use a whole can.
I used four to five, and saved the rest in a jar. They keep forever in the fridge, and have become my secret ingredient in a number of dishes.
So save them, if you wish.

I've told you once. I'll tell you again.
My favorite recipe...of all time...at least thus far in my kitchen adventures.

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Amy Kelly said...

YUM! These sound amazing, especially with the addition of avocado and black beans you suggested. I'll have to try these soon.