31 March 2010


And in love.
With the works of Lena Wolff, that is.

 I'm not entirely sure how, nor entirely sure why...but am so very happy that I stumbled upon her work.
I found this little interview over at the Shiny Squirrel, if it happens to peak your interest.
It surely peaked mine.

I love the stories that are so deeply evident within her work. Clearly inspired by American Folk Art,  she seamlessly blends her love for eccentricity with her remarkable eye for color.  I am fascinated, inspired...transfixed by her work.  Moved to a state of awe and disbelief. Wondering why her paintings have yet to adorn the shelves of Anthropologie. I think I shall write them a letter...

And to think, it's paper.

 So yes, I'll take one... or three...for every room of the house, please.

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