25 March 2010

fictitious home.

Or, an illusive yet ideal place of residence that anyone should be so lucky to call home.
Also, the newest addition to maple & shade.
Below (and every Thursday, for that matter) you will find a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor room that I not only adore, but feel go together to create a particular vibe, scheme, feeling...etc.

Hence, the "fictitious home."
Hope you enjoy.
Comments welcome.

So, pioneering the fictitious home is an eclectic abode. Certainly a favorite style of mine. She's feminine and gracious, yet deceptively bold. She's cozy and muted, making a subtle palette with delectable neutrals,then makes a statement with her pop of lilac that transpires throughout. Simply said: I love her.

Living Room.

Dining Room.

{Grendel the cat}


So there you have it. The first of its kind. The first fictitious home. She's beautiful, don't you think? She maintains a neutral tranquility til you reach the bedroom, where she embraces the intimacy of the boudoir and bath with an eclectic femininity.

I like her.
Hope you do too.

Thoughts? Notions? Ideas?

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