17 January 2010

Dear bloggy friends,

Did I mention we are moving?

Yes. It's true. C, Poppy and I have decided to uproot our Kentucky lives and move them to South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina, that is. When is the move-date, you ask?
...In March :)

But first, a chilly adventure to northern Ohio.

So, we are leading a hectic life at the moment. And I apologize in advance if life (and limited internet access) lead to not-so-often posting. But I will do my best! That, my friends, is a promise.

Hope everyone is doing amazingly well and I'll do my very best to keep you updated on life within Maple and Shade.


Shannon said...

i just recently made the move from KY to SC. i hope you end up loving it here. it certainly is warmer!

i love charleston. such a beautiful city!

Katherine said...

Ben and I lived in Charleston my first year of law school. I miss it SO much! We lived on S.Battery so it kind of made us broke... but it was a fun year!

PS, I saw on Brit's twitter the other day (not sure what she was talking about) but she said that you had your wedding dress made by a seamstress in Lexington. My friend is getting married in June and needs someone to do some work on her dress. She got a long white bridesmaid dress and bought extra fabric to embellish with. Would you care to give me your seamstress' contact info so I can pass it along to her?