24 November 2009

So it's Tuesday...

Exhausted tonight. Not quite sure why. Just got home from yoga....which I struggled through...which was...disappointing. Usually I'm so determined and come home feeling so energized and refreshed. And, tonight...simply tired.

Anyway, I'm sulking in my self-disappointment. Thinking of all the delicious Turkey Day meals ahead, and thoroughly convincing myself (and working quite hard to convince C...I think I almost have him) that we need to go...



I certainly think so.

....and....most importantly, a Hudson update. I guess the Doctors have said that some babies heal quickly, and some slowly. Unfortunately for the Harris family, and all those worried and praying for Hudson, he's a slow healer. He's still in ICU, still struggling to regulate his own body functions, in serious condition though, not critical. So, he's not quite out of the woods, and is progressing slowly, but being such a little trooper and really working hard to pull through. So, please keep praying. And thinking about Bo, Geneva and baby Hud. He needs strength, and I know they do as well :)

Goodnight, ya'll. Goodbye, Tuesday.

Have such a good Wednesday.

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Abby said...

Feel energized soon! And enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday :)

PS. Praying for Hudson...